3 Ply Masks

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What are Civilian 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks?

3 Ply Non-Woven Disposable Face Masks are quality non-woven face masks that are intended to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the incidence of cross-infection in clean or sensitive environments.

What can Disposable Face Masks be used for?

When someone talks, coughs or sneezes they can release tiny drops into the air that can infect other people. If the infected person wears a facemask, it can reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases, which can protect other people from becoming sick. Disposable masks can be used to help prevent harmful airborne substances from entering the body through the nose and mouth and also to prevent pathogens and germs being spread by the wearer. This can be required in a number of circumstances including:

  • To help protect from germs and infection
  • Personal use to help prevent the spread of infection from yourself and for protection from other people’s germs
  • To help prevent cross-infection


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